Fantastic Nescafe cake with creamy chocolate mousse
Fantastic Nescafe cake with creamy chocolate mousse
BestOlivia    ·   7.4.2023

Fantastic Nescafe cake with creamy chocolate mousse

I was thinking about what to bake for my birthday and so I came to the conclusion that it would be something with the taste of coffee. I was looking for some inspiration on the internet and came across this recipe. I adjusted it a little to my liking and it turned out to be a beautiful dessert that I offered to my guests.

20 min
Preparation time
25 min
Cooking time


2 ½ cups
1 ¼ cups
powdered sugar
3.5 oz
3 tbsp
2 pcs
1 tbsp
Nescafe instant coffee
3 tbsp
1 cup
2 ½ tsp
baking powder
1 tbsp

Extra ingredients:

1 cup
7 oz
6 oz
sour cream
Preparation steps
  1. Prepare the ingredients. Put powdered sugar, coffee, oil, cocoa, baking powder and flour in a bowl. Melt the butter and let it cool. Pour milk into another bowl, add two eggs to it and mix with a whisk, and prepare a baking sheet, which you grease and sprinkle with flour. Add melted butter and rum to the milk and eggs and then pour this liquid mixture to the loose ingredients in the bowl.
  2. Mix and pour the prepared dough onto the baking sheet. Bake at 355 °F / 180 °C until golden, about 25 minutes. Let cool after baking.
  3. Spread the baked dough with marmalade, I used homemade apricot jam.
  4. Melt the chocolate in a water bath and let it cool slightly. Then add the sour cream and mix. Layer on the cake and make patterns with a fork.
  5. Let it harden in the refrigerator and serve.
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