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Black and white no bake balls
Recipe Black and white no bake balls
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BestOlivia    ·   13.12.2022

Black and white no bake balls

A simple recipe for no bake balls. There are many recipes for this sweet treat, but there is still something to add to the original recipe.



2 packs
vanilla pudding
2 cups
7 tbsp
9 oz
1 ⅔ cups
powdered sugar

White balls:

7 oz
shredded coconut
to taste

Dark balls:

3 oz
quality chocolate
9 oz
ground biscuits
Preparation steps
  1. Cook pudding in milk with granulated sugar (in a classic way). Set the thick pudding aside and let it cool. Cover the pot with aluminum foil so that a crust does not form on top.
  2. Beat the butter with powdered sugar with a mixer until foamy, add the cooled pudding spoon by spoon and whip into fluffy cream.
  3. Divide the mass in half. Add coconut and rum to taste to one part, mix thoroughly and add melted chocolate and ground cookies to the other part.
  4. Form smaller balls. Wrap the white ones in coconut and the dark ones in ground biscuits.
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