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Cherry homemade liqueur
Recipe Cherry homemade liqueur
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BestOlivia    ·   28.11.2022

Cherry homemade liqueur

Sweet little fruits with a strong taste. Cherries are among my favorite fruits. To prepare the liqueur we will need:...



10.5 oz
cherries with stones
1 ½ cups
granulated sugar
2 cups
1 pc
vanilla pod
Preparation steps
  1. First, prepare clean bottles, which you thoroughly wash and dry.
  2. Cherries for making liqueur should be well-ripened, dark and small. Wash them, dry them and put them in a bottle. Add the sugar that you mixed with the vanilla through the funnel, add 2 cups of brandy and let it mature in the sun for several hours a day. Maturation takes about 40 days. It is a long time, but as they say, good things are worth waiting for.
  3. After 40 days, you can pour the cherry alcohol into another bottle, but you don't have to. Store it in a dark place. After drinking the alcohol, you can use the cherries to make pralines. Cheers!
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