Spreads Delicious spread of crab sticks
Delicious spread of crab sticks
Recipe Delicious spread of crab sticks
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BestOlivia    ·   24.3.2023

Delicious spread of crab sticks

This crab spread is ready in a few minutes, it has an excellent taste, it is soft and you only need a few ingredients to prepare it. It is suitable for sandwiches, canapes, but also for a family dinner, when you can serve it with fresh bread or a baguette. The crab spread does not need to be richly decorated, but it is great to choose fresh vegetables to go with it. It is also advisable to decorate this spread with fresh herbs.

20 min
Preparation time
8 oz
crab sticks
2 oz
6 oz
cream cheese
1 tbsp
2 tbsp
white yogurt
for decoration
fresh chives or parsley
Preparation steps

You can prepare the crab spread at any time, the ingredients for the preparation can be varied, for example, depending on what you find in the fridge at home. In addition to butter, yogurt and cheese, you can also use mayonnaise, cream cheese or sour cream. This spread can be prepared at any time.

  1. Let the butter soften to room temperature so it can be worked with.
  2. Let the crab sticks defrost a little, then finely chop them.
  3. Put the butter, mustard, white yogurt, cream cheese and possibly a little mayonnaise in a large bowl and mix everything thoroughly.
  4. Add chopped crab sticks, mix and season with salt and pepper.
  5. Finally, decorate the spread with chopped chives or parsley.
  6. The spread can be used on sandwiches or fresh bread. For dinner, you can also serve a fresh vegetable salad with the spread.

Similarly, you can prepare a salad from crab sticks, just add corn, grated carrots and finely chopped leeks. This option will especially appeal to children, who will be attracted by the color of the salad and, of course, the popular corn.

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