Zucchini recipes Excellent zucchini gingerbread recipe
Excellent zucchini gingerbread recipe
BestOlivia    ·   9.10.2022

Excellent zucchini gingerbread recipe

Excellent zucchini gingerbread recipe. I've prepared a lot of zucchini cakes before, but this one is definitely the best one. If you like gingerbread, you will surely enjoy it too. Soft and fluffy. Who would have thought that we can bake such cakes from zucchini. Melted chocolate on top, and anyone who doesn't know that this case has zucchini in it, won't know it at all.

20 min
Preparation time
40 min
Cooking time
3 cups
semi-coarse flour
1 cup
crystal sugar
1 ½ tbsp
gingerbread spice
1 pack
vanilla sugar
2 tsp
baking soda
2 tbsp
½ tsp
a pinch
1 cup
½ cup
2 pcs
2 tbsp
2 cups
coarsely grated zucchini
Preparation steps
  1. In the beginning, mix all the dry ingredients. Gradually add liquids - milk, oil, eggs and jam. Mix and add coarsely grated zucchini to the base prepared in this way.
  2. Prepare a tall baking sheet, line it with baking paper and pour the dough. If you don't have any baking paper, you can grease the baking sheet and sprinkle it with coarse flour.
  3. Bake in a preheated oven at 355 °F / 180 °C for about half an hour. However, I baked it for 40 minutes, my oven bakes slower, so follow your own.
  4. Finally, pour melted chocolate over the top.
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