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Fantastic Christmas "mushrooms"
Recipe Fantastic Christmas "mushrooms"
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BestOlivia    ·   5.11.2022

Fantastic Christmas "mushrooms"

Christmas "mushrooms" that you will love. If you love shaping, be sure to try this Christmas cookie. Don't be afraid of raw egg whites. Use fresh eggs and there will be no problem. The dough is really sticky as the recipe says. This can be solved by adding more sugar or nuts. I always made a ball first, wrapped it in nuts and then shaped it. I made the "mushrooms", let them dry and then dipped the hats in chocolate.

45 min
Preparation time
5.5 oz
ground walnuts
1 ¼ cups
powdered sugar
1 pc
egg white
Preparation steps
  1. Simply mix all the ingredients for the recipe. If the dough is difficult to work with and very sticky, add a little more nuts or sugar.
  2. Take smaller pieces from the dough, from which you shape a leg and a hat.
  3. I let the leg and the hat dry and then glued them with chocolate. I then dipped the hat in chocolate and let it harden.
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