15 minute meals Foamy no-bake quick cake ready in 10 minutes
Foamy no-bake quick cake ready in 10 minutes
BestOlivia    ·   5.10.2022

Foamy no-bake quick cake ready in 10 minutes

If you have a last minute visit, go to the kitchen and prepare a quick no-bake delicacy to impress your guests. Personally, I prefer baked cakes, but even this biscuit one is not bad at all. The foam is fluffy and you will need to whip long enough to get it set perfectly in the fridge. I dip the biscuits in milk to make them softer, but you don't have to. Sprinkle the top with grated chocolate.

16 oz
whipping cream
2 cups
2 packs
no-cook vanilla pudding (Dr Oetker)
2 packs
vanilla sugar
5 tbsp
crystal sugar
square butter biscuits
for the biscuits
for decoration
Preparation steps
  1. Pour the whipping cream and milk into a large bowl, add vanilla pudding powder (no-cook pudding, for example Dr. Oetker), vanilla and crystal sugar. Whisk everything with a blender for about 5 minutes - get a fluffy foam.
  2. I used a baking tray in size of 15"x10", but you can also use a form of different size (if smaller, pieces will be higher). Cover the bottom with biscuits soaked in milk which makes them soft.
  3. Lay the prepared cream on the biscuits, smooth out nicely and tap a few times the form on the worktop to get rid of large air bubbles.
  4. Decorate the top with grated chocolate and put it in the refrigerator. If you do not have time, put the cuts in the freezer, to solidify faster, but do not leave them there too long to avoid freezing.
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