French cutlets with mashed potatoes
French cutlets with mashed potatoes
Recipe French cutlets with mashed potatoes
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French cutlets with mashed potatoes

Chicken cutlets in a tasty marinade, coated in batter and fried in hot oil. As a side dish we choose classic mashed potatoes.



chicken breast cutlets (or pork legs)

For the marinade:


For the batter:

2 pcs
1 tsp
a drop
water or white wine to dilute
Preparation steps
  1. Pound the meat and season it with salt, pepper. Mix the vinegar and oil in the same ratio with coarsely chopped onions and load the meat into this marinade. It must be completely submerged. Leave to marinate overnight, or even for a few days.
  2. On the day D, take out the meat and remove the marinade with a paper cloth. Cover in common wheat flour and then in batter. That should have a denser consistency. If it is too dense, dilute it with a drop of water or wine.
  3. In oil or lard, fry slowly on both sides until golden. Serve, for example, with mashed potatoes.
    Cutlets have mildly acidic flavor, they taste significantly after onion.

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