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Hot chocolate with vanilla
Recipe Hot chocolate with vanilla
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BestOlivia    ·   24.11.2022

Hot chocolate with vanilla

An excellent homemade chocolate mixture, from which you can prepare a great hot drink to warm you up in cold weather. I usually prepare this chocolate drink for Christmas, I fill the glasses and put them away. Everyone goes and takes it to warm up continuously when watching Christmas tales. Recently, however, the family wanted it, so I had to stock up the kitchen. Just amazing.


For three glasses:

14 oz
(at least) 70% dark chocolate
3.5 oz
white chocolate
1 cup
¾ cup
Dutch cocoa
1 pc
vanilla pod

Also needed:

hot milk
Preparation steps
  1. Break the dark chocolate into cubes and chop into the smallest possible pieces with a knife. You can also use a coarse grater. Put it into a bowl and do the same with white chocolate. Add the white chocolate to the dark chocolate and mix.
  2. Add sugar, cocoa and grains from one vanilla pod. (Of course, you don't throw away the pod and stick it in the sugar jar).
  3. Mix the mixture together and fill the glasses with it.
  4. Use it by adding two tablespoons of the mixture into hot milk, then curl up under a blanket and watch fairy tales.
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