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Stuffed cheese roulade
Recipe Stuffed cheese roulade
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BestOlivia    ·   5.10.2022

Stuffed cheese roulade

For the party, celebration, breakfast or dinner. Delicious stuffed cheese rolulade.

10.5 oz
10.5 oz
cream cheese
6 oz
2 pcs
green pepper
8 oz
sour cream
2.75 oz
2 pcs
cooked eggs
to taste
bell pepper
Preparation steps
  1. Place the cheese in a plastic bag, close well and cook in a pot of water. When the cheese melts roll it with a rolling pin while still hot.
  2. Beat the cream cheese, soft butter and sour cream and spread on the prepared cheese plate. On the top put the ham, pepper, bell pepper, boiled egg covered with ham and create a roll.
  3. Wrap the roulade in aluminum foil and refrigerate for 3 hours or all night.
  4. Cut into neat pieces and decorate with vegetables.
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