15 minute meals Unbaked butter biscuit slices with pudding cream
Unbaked butter biscuit slices with pudding cream
Recipe Unbaked butter biscuit slices with pudding cream
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BestOlivia    ·   14.10.2022

Unbaked butter biscuit slices with pudding cream

Last night I made another surprise and placed it in the fridge, so today we could enjoy it after a good lunch and have a short midday siesta...:D And above all, no baking, great taste and almost no work. I love summer desserts that do not make you sweat.

15 min
Preparation time
2 packs
butter biscuits
8 oz
2 tbsp
powdered sugar
1 pack
vanilla sugar
16 oz
whipping cream
1 tbsp
powdered sugar
2 cups
well-chilled milk
1 pack
vanilla sugar
2 packs
vanilla pudding without cooking from Dr. Oetker
a little
Preparation steps
  1. Mix mascarpone and sugar in a bowl until smooth. In the second bowl, beat the cream with powdered sugar, and in the third bowl, beat the milk with the pudding (without cooking it) and vanilla sugar with a hand-held electric mixer.
  2. Then mix everything together lightly and divide into two parts.
  3. Line a small deep baking sheet or form (10x8 in) with baking paper (crumple it up nicely and soak it well, wring it out and you can line the form beautifully with it), cover the bottom with biscuits, drizzle a little milk over, pour half of the filling, cover with biscuits again, drizzle milk again, spread the rest of the filling and place the last layer of biscuits.
  4. Drizzle with milk and put in the fridge overnight.

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