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Christmas bites - heaven in the mouth
Recipe Christmas bites - heaven in the mouth
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BestOlivia    ·   16.11.2022

Christmas bites - heaven in the mouth

Our traditional Christmas recipes include these bites. I make them every Christmas, I decorate them with skittles. Some people don't decorate them at all, the skittle just fits me, this is how I like them. These were our traditional cookies, without baking, without lengthy preparation, without cutting and still very tasty.



5.5 oz
4.5 oz
1-2 tbsp


⅕ cup
strong coffee (espresso)
½ cup
granulated sugar
1 pack
vanilla sugar
3.5 oz
ground nuts
2 oz
to taste

Extra ingredients:

paper cups
Preparation steps
  1. Pour the brewed coffee over the sugar and cook for a while while stirring constantly on a low heat, add the nuts and let them boil for a while (on a low heat and keep stirring), add the fat to the hot mixture and stir until combined, and finally add a little rum and let it cool.
  2. Melt the fat on a low heat, add chocolate and 1 spoonful of cocoa to the warm mixture (if the chocolate seems too light in the color, add another spoonful of cocoa). Stir until everything is combined (do not boil!). Pour a little chocolate into the paper cups with a spoon, let it harden for a while, hold each cup in your hand and tilt it a little so that the chocolate covers the edges.
  3. Layer a nutty filling on the hardened chocolate and cover it with another layer of chocolate. Let it harden.
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