Festive baking Easter Easter aspic (savory jello salads) Ham aspic - jello salad
Ham aspic - jello salad
Recipe Ham aspic - jello salad
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BestOlivia    ·   2.11.2022

Ham aspic - jello salad

An excellent delicacy filled with goodies - ham, cheese, corn, peas, peppers, pickles,...



3 cups
water or juice from pickles
1 oz
gelatin powder
5 pcs
5.5 oz
cream cheese spread (with horseradish)
5.5 oz
smoked ham
5.5 oz
diet salami
5.5 oz
hard cheese
1 can
1 can
4 pcs
3 pcs
roasted red bell pepper
Preparation steps
  1. Put the gelatin aside for 10 minutes - dissolve it in water or vegetable broth, then heat it, it must not boil. Pour about 3/4 inch into the baking mold and let it harden in the fridge. After it hardens, place the first layer - use a mold to cut out different shapes from slices of salami and hard cheese and stack them according to our own imagination and cover them with gelatin. Hard-boil the eggs, let them cool and cut them into thin slices.
  2. Then stack another layer, eggs, cucumber rounds, chopped red bell pepper, leftover of hard cheese, salami and cover with gelatin again.
  3. Stack another layer again. Spread the cream cheese on the ham, roll it up and stack it, place the peas, sweet corn, and maybe some leftover eggs between the rolls and cover it with gelatin.
  4. The last layer will be the rounds of salami, which you will cover with the remaining gelatin and leave to harden in the fridge.
  5. Turn out, slice and serve with fresh bread. Enjoy!

Thanks for permission to share a recipe from a great
cook - Blažena Sadovská

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