"Mole" baking sheet - cup recipe
"Mole" baking sheet - cup recipe
BestOlivia    ·   24.10.2022

"Mole" baking sheet - cup recipe

I haven't made this dessert in a long time. The whole family loves it, it's not too sweet at all and it's not dry at all, too. Banana recipes are very popular almost everywhere, so try it yourself. It's a very simple recipe that even beginners can prepare. I leave it in the fridge overnight, but you don't have to. It seems better, smoother the next day.

25 min
Preparation time
20 min
Cooking time


2 cups
plain flour
1 cup
powdered sugar
0.5 oz
baking powder
1 pack
vanilla sugar
4 tbsp
1 cup
1 cup
2 pcs


1 ¼ cups
1 pack
banana pudding
4 tbsp
granulated sugar
16 oz
whipping cream
1 pack
whipping cream stabilizer
3.5 oz
baking chocolate


Preparation steps
  1. Mix all the ingredients for the dough and beat into a smooth dough.
  2. Line an approx. 15x10 in baking sheet with baking paper, pour the dough onto it and bake in a moderately heated oven (355 °F / 180 °C for about 20 minutes). Let cool after baking.
  3. Hollow out a 0.25 inch layer from the baked and cooled cake base, leaving about double high edges. Cover the hollowed-out surface with bananas halved lengthwise, spread the cream over the entire surface and sprinkle crumbs from the hollowed-out dough. Let it harden overnight in the fridge.
  4. Make a pudding from milk, pudding and sugar and leave to cool. Whip the cooled pudding, add the whipping cream, then add the stabilizer and whip into the thick cream.
  5. Mix coarsely grated baking chocolate into the well-whipped cream.
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