Drinks Alcoholic drinks (Non)alcoholic Mojito
(Non)alcoholic Mojito
Recipe (Non)alcoholic Mojito
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BestOlivia    ·   28.11.2022

(Non)alcoholic Mojito

(Non)alcoholic Mojito.


Ingredients for the drink:

2 pcs
sparkling water
1 tbsp
cane sugar
5 tsp
white rum
1 tsp
lemon juice
7 pcs
mint leaf
Preparation steps
  1. First, cut your limes. Cut one round slice for decoration.
  2. Cut the rest into wedges and cut out the pulp. Fill the glass at least halfway with ice and add a lime. For an alcoholic version, add 5 teaspoons of white rum.
  3. You can add a teaspoon of lemon juice. Add mint leaves, one heaping spoon of sugar and, at the end, fill the glass with sparkling water.
  4. Mix everything thoroughly and decorate.
  5. And you're done! Enjoy your drink!
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