15 minute meals The fastest homemade mayonnaise
The fastest homemade mayonnaise
Recipe The fastest homemade mayonnaise
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BestOlivia    ·   11.3.2023

The fastest homemade mayonnaise

Homemade mayonnaise is a bit tastier than store-bought, after all. They do this in bulk, adding various stabilizers, emulsifiers and other additives that make your mayonnaise last for a few months in the refrigerator. The homemade one is made from raw eggs, so make sure it's fresh and if possible use eggs from a farm.

⅔ cup
2 pcs
egg yolk
1 tsp
spicy mustard
1 tsp
to taste
to taste
Preparation steps
  1. Put the egg yolks, mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper in a tall glass. Add oil to all these ingredients.
  2. Put the blender all the way to the bottom, turn it on and slowly pull it up.
  3. The whole process takes about 5-10 seconds and you have a beautifully thick mayonnaise.
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