Healthy recipes Vegetable tortilla
Vegetable tortilla
Recipe Vegetable tortilla
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BestOlivia    ·   29.9.2022

Vegetable tortilla

Healthy, quick and tasty - that's the slogan of my last couple of days. Of course, vegetable from the garden, in terms of taste, is an incredible treat. Comparing tomatoes from the store and tomatoes from the garden is a completely different cup of tea. This time without the chicken, but it still tasted good.

5 min
Preparation time
2 min
Cooking time
4 pcs
cherry tomatoes
a handful
chopped cucumber
1 pc
hard-boiled egg
2 slices
hard cheese
3 slices
Camembert cheese
2 tsp
sweet corn
multigrain tortilla
Preparation steps
  1. Cut the vegetables into small cubes. You will create a middle strip of hard cheese slices on the tortilla. Let's spread it with mustard.
  2. Place the vegetables, add sweet corn, add sliced egg, add the diced Camembert and wrap it. (Fold the lower and upper parts towards the center and twist from the left.)
  3. Place on a dry pan and lightly fry on both sides.


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